Our school campus, located at 205 NE 50th Ave, offers convenient access to many Portland-area families. The school building includes eight large classrooms and three large studios, where our children enjoy an engaging and family friendly year round enrichment program. We also enjoy regular use of a large basketball gym, sports court, several meeting and event rooms at the adjacent church.

A highlight for many children at our school is our large, private and tree-filled playground. Students enjoy the spacious grassy area, garden, tree house, gazebo, a boat for imaginative play, and covered area and many natural features like stumps and boulders.

To ensure that your children are safe while in our care, our school building and playground are passcode-protected. A parking lot across the street from the building and plentiful on-street parking provide convenient parking for both staff and parents.

The Library

The Portland Montessori School Library is located in Room 213, right across the hall from the Magnolia Room.

It houses over 1500 books: a large section of fiction, non-fiction and picture books for younger readers, chapter books for older readers and an entire wall of research/non-fiction books for elementary students. Subjects covered in the research section include geography, botany, physics, geology, biology, history, biographies, arts and zoology.

Parent volunteers maintain the library by checking books back in, re-shelving books, adding and cataloging new books and keeping the space tidy.

Who Uses The Library?

Primary guides can take their students into the library during school hours and can help them check out books. Lower and upper elementary students are free to use the library during school hours and are responsible for checking out their own books. Parents may also visit the library with their children after school and help them with check out.

How To Check Out Books

Take the card from the back of the book and write the Date and your Room Number and Name. Place the card in the card box located near the library entrance. Please return books in 1 week to the basket located at entrance.

Library Rules

Please be respectful to others while in the library.
Please clean up after yourself.
Primary students can put books to be re-shelved in the appropriate basket near the entrance.
Elementary students should use the new shelf markers while browsing and return books to their proper place on the shelf.

"I am constantly amazed when my daughter—now in second grade of the elementary program—comes home and teaches me scientific facts I’d never learned, or new ways of looking at complicated concepts that just make sense."

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