Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) for The Portland Montessori School includes parents of students in our school, teachers and other staff representatives. The PAC’s role is to assist the school in fulfilling its vision and mission. It does this by:

• Supporting and supplementing the operation of the school through fundraising

• Promoting and coordinating our parent volunteer program

• Planning social events and outreach activities

• Recommending initiatives to the Board of Directors

• Organizing and promoting fundraising events (see Giving tab for more information)

Members of the PAC include:

• Staff Representative, Mary Hicks, Head of School

• Chair, Hope Whitney

• Vice Chair, Andrea Wild

• PAC Secretary, Kathleen Jahn

• Volunteer Program Coordinator, Bridget Zadoff

• New Parent Representative (Primary), Camille Snyder

• New Parent Representative (Elementary), Susan Polk

• Elementary Representative, Elizabeth Viggiano

• Auction Lead (Procurement), Katie Johnson

• Auction Lead (Event), Kathryn Howard

• Admissions Liaison, Susie Bjork