The Portland Montessori School offers a three-year primary program called "Children's House" for primary age children 2 1/2 to 6 years. Children's House carries the child through their kindergarten year, promoting them into the first grade of the elementary program as confident and joyful learners. As a member of a classroom community that includes a range of ages, children work independently, but also in small groups. Older children often serve as mentors, setting an example and giving lessons to younger members of the community. This environment provides children a special opportunity to develop compassion, leadership skills and an attitude of service as they grow and learn.

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certified guides help children in our primary classrooms develop a strong academic foundation built on language skills, math, geography, science, music and art. They also help them acquire practical life skills such as caring for themselves and their classroom environment. By design, the Montessori classroom and specific materials in it spark curiosity, while promoting learning, self-discipline, independence and responsibility.

A guide (teacher) and a dedicated assistant teacher lead each primary classroom, working together to provide each child the individualized guidance they need to reach their fullest potential. Additional assistant teachers are always available and nearby if needed. In addition, because we house our elementary and primary programs within the same facility, students in their final year of the primary program benefit from visits to the elementary classroom.

"I could write an essay on how my daughter joined PMS in the last year and graduated from her primary class reading chapter books and doing long addition and subtraction with multiple numbers. She’s well beyond her kindergarten peers, and my younger son's pride in his work and love of learning has grown beyond expectation."

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