As a part of each family’s commitment to our school, we request that families contribute their time and expertise through our volunteer hours program. The parent-led volunteer hours team as well as the guides or administrative staff may request assistance on projects such as painting a classroom, chaperoning children on outings, building a planter for the class to use, or serving on our PAC board. Parents often discover that these volunteer activities are not only fun, but also help create a stronger sense community within the school.

Each family is required to contribute a minimum of 15 hours (8 hours for single families) of volunteer time per year or pay the equivalent of $20 per hour. We request that three of these hours be in support of our annual auction (see our auction tab for details). Grandparents and family members are also welcomed to volunteer. Please log your hours at the front desk, contact Caroline, our administrative assistant if you need assistance caroline.griffin@portlandmontessori.org